How to Postpone Menstruation Using Herbs

There are several ways that you can do on how to postpone your period. One of the easiest ways is to consume herbs that can prevent your period from coming for awhile. If you want to use this way, you need to eat herbs after a careful research. “Natural” does not necessarily mean “safe”, at least not in all cases. Although the recommended herbal and supplement treatments to stop menstrual periods are usually safe for most women, you should do some research before taking any herbs as some herbs can aggravate certain medical conditions.

You have to remember that many herbal remedies have only limited research supporting them. Although some women benefit from using these drugs, there is little scientific evidence to support effectiveness claims and a little research on possible side effects and risks. If you are at high peril for specific hormone-sensitive diseases, including uterine cancer, breast cancer, or endometriosis, herbal medicines that affect your hormonal balance may pose further risks. These include, but are not limited to, black cohosh, chaste berry, and raspberry leaf.