How to Practice the Right Finger Placement to Play the Piano

Practicing the right finger placement is, of course, important in learning in how to play the piano. You can take piano lessons such as the piano lessons dallas to get better guidance on how to place your fingers correctly on the piano.

You can start to practice different scales using the right finger placement. Begin practicing the rising ladder, then go down, then up and down. For each basic note, practice a ladder at least five times with the proper fingers.

Then, you can try practicing two or three scales before each training session. Do this, whether you are training under the guidance of the teacher, or when you have free time specially allocated to learning and practicing piano. After that, you should also try practicing using a number that contains the number of fingers, especially if you are new to practice first with the score. In this way, you can play music appropriately. The next time you play the more difficult works, escaping is very important.