Dear Patrons,

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you that GlobalBengal Initiatives Inc, owner of, is shutting down operations after 15 years.

This was not at all an easy decision, given that is still a vibrant gifting portal for thousands of Global Bengalis. It has been a fantastic experience for team GBI since May 15, 1999, being the "pradhan sewak" in online gifting for NRI and NRB Bengalis worldwide. At times, there has been frustrations or challenges, and yet the joy we have managed to deliver to our customers, if even for a fleeting moment of receiving a surprise from their faraway son or daughter, had made the journey completely worthwhile. We survived the dot com boom and bust; we witnessed regime change in Bengal and the world; we saw families take shape, celebrate the various milestones in life and eventually wither away into oblivion. In the cradle to the grave mortal life cycle, Bengalcommerce was their one trusted companion.

But now after fifteen years, the founders of Bengalcommerce are at a different stage in life themselves. Our perceptions, expectations and desires have changed, and we believe that continuing now would endanger the core principles of service that we had set upon ourselves at the onset many years back as young entrepreneurs.

We know there are other extraordinary entrepreneurs in our Bengali community. Should anyone be genuinely interested in acquiring and its assets, please feel free to write to us at office [at] bengalcommerce [dot] com.

Before signing off, we want to thank our patrons one last time from the bottom of our hearts. You have been the driving force behind the organization for a decade and a half and we will forever be grateful for the trust you had bestowed upon GBI.

With Best Regards & Sincerest Thanks, Management Team
GlobalBengal Initiatives Inc